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BGCForMe is the employee portal of Brookshire Grocery Company. It is the regional grocery chain based in Texas, established in 1928. BGC never stops serving its customers. No doubt, it can run more than 175 grocery stores. BGC always commits to putting the customers as their priority. The mission of this company is to make the community better through its people, product, store, and service.



What is BGCForMe Employee Portal?

In order to serve the customers in all of its stores, BGC employs many workers. These workers consist of full-time employees and part-time employees. As like other companies, BGC uses an online employee portal – BGCForMe to manage its employees. BGCForMe employee portal is very beneficial for BGC staff. They can access the reward program as well as the employee benefits. Besides, BGC employees can also view other employment details.

What Need to Provide Before Accessing BGCForMe Employee Portal?

We all know that BGCForme Portal is the online employee website services. Of course, each user will need some kinds of devices that will support them at www.BGCForme.com Site. Even, it is the best time to provide them all and be ready to explore BGCForme Portal Features. With no talk too much, here the devices are:

  • First of all, you will need a key to open the secure Brookshire’s Employee Login Site. In this case, you need the true Brookshire’s Username and Password. If you are the new employees, you are free to ask your credential numbers to HR Teams and get your temporary password. (To make it secure, you can change the password when you have arrived at BGCForme Employee Portal Site.)
  • Second of all, you will need a set of the electronic device. Here, you can use the computer, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.
  • After that, you have to support your PC with its latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and of course, you need a secure and stable internet connection to access Brookshire’s Employee Login Site.

How to Sign into BGCForMe??

If you have prepared all of the BGCForme requirements, you can sign into BGC employment portal. Here is the procedure to access your account at BGCForme.

  • Step 1: Visit BGCforme employee portal.

If you are the employee of BGC, you must have BGCforme login credentials. When these login details are ready, you can start accessing BGCForMe login page. The website address is www.bgcforme.com. The official site of BGC employee login has the cauliflower picture beside the login field.

  • Step 2: Enter your BGCForMe user ID.

The next, you need to supply BGC user ID. The user ID is your BGC employee ID number. If you do not know what your BGC ID number is, you can ask BGC HR officer soon.

  • Step 3: Input BGCForMe

After entering your user ID, you should supply your password. You cannot set up the password by yourself. It is because you get this BGC password from the HRD. If you forget this password, you can visit BGC password station. BGC will remind you about this password.

  • Step: Press the Log on button.

When you are sure that BGC login details you enter are correct, you can click on Log On button. Then, you can begin to explore the content of BGC employee portal.

BGCForMe Employee Portal

What is BGCForMe Employee Portal Recovery Page?

In some cases, you may need to recover your previous Brookshire’s’ Employee Login username or password. Indeed, when you are the new Brookshire’s Employees, you have to change your old password and create the new one to make it secure. Anyway, to deal with this purpose, you can access the BGCForMe Recovery Page. And, here the steps are:

  • At first, you can visit the official site of Brookshire’s’ Employee Website at BGCForme.com.
  • Then, you can click on the “Password Station” menu.
  • After that, you have to send the employee ID Numbers and click on “I Agree” for the list of notification.
  • Well, you can follow same instructions to create the new password. Somehow, you will need to give your active email and phone numbers to confirm some important notifications.

Advantages Of BGCForMe Portal Account

Some advantages from BGCForMe Employee Login Portal are written below. These are the explanations.

  • First, BGCForMe gives the easy way for interaction. To support the communication among Brookshire’s Grocery Company employees, this employee login portal allows its users to enjoy data sharing, email, etc.
  • Second, BGCForMe Employee Login Portal is accessible 24 hours. Thus, employees will not have to worry to miss information about the company.
  • Third, BGCForMe users may manage their working schedules.
  • Fourth, employees can view their plans on this account. They can create the plans and use this BGCForMe portal as the reminder.
  • Fifth, users of BGCForMe Employee Login Portal can view their payment online. This is good to track every monthly payment they get from the company. Besides, they do not have to save the printed payment record.
  • Sixth, BGCForMe Employee Login Portal can save data related to your job. You can use it to save personal information as well. This portal is an easy place to save your information.

Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy

  • Founded in 1928 from Wood T. Brookshire with only four workers.
  • The first Brookshire was situated in downtown Tyler, Texas near the city courthouse.
  • The firm also operates under the titles Super 1 Foods and FRESH from Brookshire’s
  • The late Wood T. Brookshire has been an ultra-aggressive small business owner who prided himself at the best customer care possible and knew nearly every clients first and last name. The first Brookshire Grocery has been only merely a 2500 square feet and looked more like a barn than the usual grocery shop.

How To Contact Brookshire’s Customer Service?

Here is the contact list of Brookshire’s Grocery Company. Make sure that you call the correct phone number based on your need.

  • Customer Feedback.

If you want to tell about Brookshire’s shopping feedback, you can call 1 888 937 3776. Through this line, you can ask about the nutrition, products, or career as well. Brookshire’s always welcomes any suggestion, complaint, and comment from its customers.

  • Brookshire’s Alert line.

To contact the BGC Alert line, you can dial 1 800 932 5378. Besides, you also can visit www.bgc.alertline.com.

  • Brookshire’s benefits and payroll.

As Brookshire’s employees, you may want to check your payroll and benefits. Instead of visiting HR office, you can call 1 800 825 4536. This way, you can ask about the benefits you are eligible.

  • Retirement plan.

If you want to ask about 401K and ESOP information, you should call 1 888 313 4015. Besides, you also can visit brookshires.voyaplans.com.