Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey

Participate in the Walmart Customer Satisfaction Survey and help them improve the quality of their services.

To improve the quality of their services, Walmart has designed a customer satisfaction survey. Using the option, customers can input their own feedback regarding the quality of services offered by Walmart and their suggestions on services that they think need to be improved. Using the opinions of their customers, the store aims to offer superior quality services to its customers.

A Little about Walmart

Established in the year 1969, the store is one of the biggest revenue generating companies that has over 2.2 million people working for the company in about 11,000 stores located in twenty seven countries across the globe. The store sells a comprehensive range of household requirements such as grocery items, gardening products, sporting goods, and other items.

The survey asks simple questions such as; did you use Walmart coupons on your most recent purchase? Was the staff helpful? Were you easily to find the items you were looking to buy? By designing a survey, the store wants its customers to share their feedback and offers a chance to win a gift card worth $1,000 for their valuable time and opinion.

Take Part in the Survey and Get a Chance to Win a $1,000 Walmart Gift Card
To participate in the survey, you’ll need to follow these instructions. The requirements and eligibility criteria for taking part in the survey includes:

  • Access to the internet.
  • A recent purchase receipt.
  • Minimum age limit – 18 years.
  • Be a resident of the US.
  • Have a valid email address.
  • What are some instructions you need to Follow.

To participate in the Subway survey, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined below:

  • In the first step, you’ll be required to visit Walmart’s survey website www.survey.walmart.com
  • Next, you’ll be asked to select the language of your choice.
  • Read the instructions and information here, relevant to the survey, and proceed.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • You’ll be asked if any of your family members is a Sam’s Club or Walmart employee.
  • You can then enter your birth year and answer the question ‘do you have a Walmart receipt?’
  • Once you have entered all information, you can enter your ID number and store number on your receipt.
  • Once you have entered this information, the survey will begin. You need to answer all questions one by one.
  • Once all questions have been answered, you’ll be asked whether you’d want to participate in the draw and get a chance to win a gift card worth $1000 from Walmart.
  • You’ll be required to input your contact info to participate in the draw.

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Helpful Links for Participating in the Walmart Survey

Survey Page: This is the official web address of Walmart’s survey website. www.survey.walmart.com

You may want to visit the website’s FAQ’s to answer all the queries and concerns you may have regarding their customer satisfaction survey.


You can participate in this survey by visiting their official website. What could be better than getting a chance to win a $1,000 shopping card and that too by simply providing your feedback ?